March Focusing on Eye Health and Vision – What We Need to Know

March is a two-fold awareness month focusing on eye health (no pun intended). The American Optometric Association flags March for eye health and related issues like diabetes, contact lens safety, and smoking. The national focus on eye health started in 1963. Since then, March has been dedicated to the importance… Continue reading

Part I: What is Integrated Health?

Integrated care, also known as integrated health, coordinated care, comprehensive care, … the World Health Organization gives the following definition: “Integrated care is a concept bringing together … Continuity of care is closely related to integrated care and emphasizes the patient’s perspective through the system of health and social services,… Continue reading

February is American Heart Month- What We Need to Know

February is American Heart Month – What We Need to Know The month of Valentine’s Day is a good reminder of heart health. The American Heart Association notes February as American Heart Month. When pulling up research to write this article, the common theme noted is prevention. By making choices… Continue reading

Letter from the Executive Director

2019 –Continued Expansion and Addition of Services The Medical Providers here at BFC have been hard at work to deliver unique services to the region that will enhance our mission and quality of care. Medical Providers have been trained and are providing Botulinum toxin injection therapy (also known as “Botox… Continue reading